Stonemasonry workshop
Dražen Jakšić


Donji Humac 75, 21423 Nerežišća
Island of Brač, Croatia

Test installation of the tomb


Joining the entire tomb in a workshop, or test instalation, is one of the important steps in making tombs. This is not a common stonemason's step, but our workshop use this practice  because it gives the client a better impression of the tomb. In addition, our clients are often outside Croatia, and the installation itself is far from a workshop, which is why a good organization is very important for a good job. At the moment, we have such example of instalation of a tomb in our workshop, test instlation. This tomb is made of white solid stone, with more traditional features and very rich profiles. The whole tomb is a great result of working with a client who had an accurate vision of his own wishes with several of our suggestions.