Stonemasonry workshop
Dražen Jakšić


Donji Humac 75, 21423 Nerežišća
Island of Brač, Croatia

Presentation stone wall for Pumparela restaurant


We are honored to be part of the project of arranging and improving the outdoor space of the Pumparella restaurant, which with this solution was given the function of a presentation space for the restaurant's wine offerings. The design is imagined in such a way that the stone wall opens in some parts and creates space for wine. In places where the stone opens, information about the wines is inserted so that the wine offer is fully presented. By shaping, the stone acts as a light and fluttery material. The execution of the project in stone was done by our stonemason's workshop, and the design is signed by Drazen Jaksic and dr. art. Dina Jaksic Pavasovic.