Dražen Jakšić


Donji Humac 75, 21423 Nerežišća
Insel Brač, Kroatien

Tomb for the Puharić family


Another beautiful tomb for the Puharić family in Makarska was built and installed. This tomb is quite different from the previous work of our designer Dražen Jakšić, we can say that this is a very unique work. When designing the monument, Drazen's idea was to create a stone surface that alludes to the drawn curtain, for this reason the stone surface is shaped as if textiles are waving in space. A monument is a drawn curtain - it marks the end of something - unfortunately the end of the life of a loved one. The round shape of the monument continues and in one part it turns completely and creates a groove for a vase and flowers. A "stain" of raw and untreated stone that we find in nature is left on the horizontal plate. Symbolism that designer wanted to create is to allude to the mountain Biokovo because the deceased was a famous mountaineer and nature lover.